📍 Washington, DC

"I'm a native of Washington DC who was reared within a village of loving and caring African-American families. My mom who passed over 20 years ago developed my foundation. She was a remarkable woman who influenced many lives and laid the roadmap for the woman I would become. I'm eternally grateful that God chose her to be my mom.

Bobbi Ann Lockett

Family, community, and food spurs my love of life. My childhood experiences cultivate my creativity. The essence of who I am resonates when I'm cooking and entertaining others.

Food is a universal language of love; therefore, I'm launching my first line of salads, salad dressings, and dips to share with the world. Each salad is named after someone who inspired me but is no longer here. There will be two staple salads and a specialty salad that will be offered for a limited time. Each salad is 48 ounces. I hope you are inspired by my story and journey with me through my cooking." - Kim Lockett